Girls, It’s Time to Get Our Game On

January 14, 2013

Ladies let’s face it sports is a huge part of most men’s lives. When it comes time for Sunday football don’t grimace about it, embrace it! It’s time to show your man some support of something he loves to do. To get you ready with all the do’s and don’ts that go along with watching the game, I have enlisted the help of former professional NFL football player Lincoln Kennedy. Lincoln is a seasoned veteran of football, playing professionally for 11 years with the Atlanta Falcons and Oakland Raiders and now is an on air talent with Fox Sports. Lincoln guides us through what it takes to be on the winning sidelines. With the New Year it’s time to turn over that new leaf of cheering on your mate! We are making up our own playbooks, on how to renew your relationships. Sometimes you need to act happy to be happy. My hot pick song of the week is going to do just that Scream and Shout, by and Britney Spears. I also give my advice to an ask moll caller Harold and his police academy wife. Don’t forget to write in to me for all your questions at