Laugh a Little with Moll

January 21, 2013

Sometimes you just need to laugh! And that's what we are going to do today! Comedienne Leanne Morgan joins us to tickle our funny bones about everyday life.   Leanne Morgan started out successfully  selling jewelry at jewelry parties and then learned why  everyone was buying.  With her funny approach to relatable day-to-day life, this mother of three then found comedy was for her.   A seasoned comedienne from  comedy clubs across America, Leanne now  has a deal with Warner Brothers and ABC to develop a sitcom.  We are very lucky to have her!  This is no joking matter our beloved 50 Shades of Grey is making its debut into the classroom.  American University is going to be featuring a course on the novel. We cannot wait to hear more about this, maybe we can hear from the professor herself, Stef Woods.  We decided to stay country for Leanne's Southern roots and feature Taylor Swift's new single I Knew You Were Trouble.  Write in to me each week for great advice at