Dating By The Numbers

January 28, 2013

Ever wonder what its like to know how to do your own algorithms? Well Amy Webb, award winning journalist and CEO of Webbmedia has done just that. Amy is author of Data, A Love Story. She lets us in on all the details of how she gamed online dating to meet her match. Not only is she incredibly smart, she is funny too. Did I mention she speaks fluent Japanese?  Stay tuned to hear how she met her match and realized she was not being picky enough! We dive into an article on what really changes when you get married. For better or worse, richer or poorer, what do you think married couples have the most struggles with? Maroon 5 is at it again with a hit single that we have made our hot pick song of the week Daylight. Tiffany calls in needing some advice on how to spice things up in her marriage when she has to travel for work. Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, keep listening  next week as we start to make plans for the most romantic holiday! Don’t forget to write in with your questions at